Kurbağa yumurtalarıı

new life - Red-eyed tree frogs (Agalychnis calladryas) glue their egg clutches to the undersides of leaves.


Beautiful color & graceful shape of the Chanterelle Mushroom

Resembling an exhibitionist mixed leaf salad, the Devil’s Flower Mantis (Idolomantis diabolica) is the Lady Gaga of praying manti..! Photo by Igor Siwanowicz

Devil& Flower Mantis (Idolomantis diabolica) - Beautiful Macro Insect Photo: Devils Flower, Igor Siwanowicz, Flower Mantis, Praying Mantis, Devil S Flower

Helioceras heteromorph ammonite

Love these kind of things: Helioceras heteromorph ammonite model extinct fossil - the soft parts are hypothetical, and may have been much more cool or colorful.

Nudibranch by David Benz: A nudibranch is a member of Nudibranchia, a group of soft-bodied, marine gastropod mollusks which shed their shell after their larval stage.

Chromodoris quadricolor Nudibranch See plenty in Mozambique and Sodwana, South Africa

Black And Gold Sapsucking Slug - Like so many other varieties of slugs, this particular species is often overlooked by divers because of its diminutive size. As the name suggests, it uses a very sharp tongue-like organ called a radula for feeding, sucking the sap out of seaweed.

Black and Gold Sapsucking Slug, Cyerce nigricans.this is not a slug but a colorful pine cone

Lava, Photo by Nick Selway

Transition by Nick Selway Photography - River of molten lava, close-up