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the silhouette of a man with a ladder to his head
Press illustration II
an image of a fingerprint made out of many different colored lines and words on a white background
thumbprint portraits
thumprint so cool!!
an abstract painting with many different colored circles on it's white background and lines in the middle
Don't Catch a Falling Knife
a black and white photo with circles connected to each other on a sheet of paper
Geometry Daily
#370 Inertia – A new minimal geometric composition each day
the letter c is made up of two black circles on a white background, with one circle in the middle
Connected Circular Chains icons for free download | Freepik
a movie poster with a man walking in the middle of a maze and an arrow on it
Graphis International Awards & Publications
Poster Annual 2016 - Graphis
two people standing on the edge of a cliff looking at each other in opposite directions
Balance in Art: Mastering Creative Harmony
Types of Balance In Art: Examples, Designs & Why You Need Them