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Barış ABİ

Barış ABİ

Obtuve:Ash - Entrenador de Pokemón ! ¿Qué personaje de ficción eres?

Which Starter Pokémon Is Your Most Favorite. Also admit that if you were a kid with a Gameboy, you played Pokémon.

55 toys that'll make an 80's / 90's kid nostalgic

I had a Nano Puppy (mine was green instead of fuschia). I took very good care of it, and it lived a long time (in Nano Pet years).

Retro 90s Hoodie. 100% Cotton Hooded Sweatshirt. Unisex Sizes.

This retro t-shirt is perfect for kids and those who remember the fondly. It's the perfect nostalgia tee to remember everything you loved about the now vintage decade. The old school gaming, the fashion trends, the sitcoms.