Silver wire braided around deerskin thong. Kobolds Kerkerbastelei:

Silver wire braided around deerskin thong. Kobolds Kerkerbastelei Could try with old guitar strings and leather scraps

Make Your Own Lace Pottery

Maggie Weldon's artistic lace pottery seems a tailor-made expression of her soul. See our tutorial for creating your own lace pottery.

You will love these Crochet Rainbow Nesting Baskets and we have a fabulous free pattern for you to try. Be sure to check out the Crochet Stacking Bowls too.

Aloitus, virkkaamalla kiinnitetty matonkude

Instructions in Spanish. Not sure I can understand crochet instruction in Spanish, but I can learn!

Pikachu Corner Bookmark - so easy and simple

Corner Bookmarks How To & Designs

Easy Pikachu Bookmark Corner - Pokemon Go - Origami. As the Pokemon Go craze hits summer, it is time for our super duper cute and easy Pikachu Bookmark - a g.