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a person reaching out to the sky with seagulls flying in the air behind them
Mutluluk anahtarlarindan biri de buu😊
an advertisement with the names of two different languages
87 shares | dualardabulusalım 🤝 on Reels | dualarda_bulusal8m_ · Original audio
on Reels | Beyjan Beatz · Ağlatan Qafe Quotes, Actor Quotes, Abc
on Reels | Beyjan Beatz · Ağlatan Qafe
on Reels | Beyjan Beatz · Ağlatan Qafe
some white flowers and the words her inside basarli olamak icin
an advertisement for the book duha sureesi okumani fayasi
the menu for an italian restaurant, with purple stars and white lettering on it's side
the words are written in different languages on a pink and yellow background with black letters
the text is written in black and white
Her Derde Deva Dualar Zinciri on Instagram