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Oh I will, after lots of schooling though. Boo me. But it will happen.

A perfect job is a what you do because you love doing it. You don't do it for the money or for the glory for being the best, you do your job because you get a self-fullment for doing what you are passionate about. That's the perfect job.

Before I die - Be more organized - me, yeah right never going to happen

so excited about my new space! renovated my studio because i was outgrowing my space! :) that's so great because business is good, and now i have a new pretty space to create. check the notes for info :) 來自 thecupcakery girl - DECOmyplace 居家誌

Sisterhood idea - Everyone covers their hands in a paint color and a leader reads out prompts like "touch someone who inspires you" or even fun prompts like "touch someone who is from the same state as you.