Deshilachado: Nombres de puntos de bordado en inglés II / Embroidery stitches English names II

Wendy Schultz Different stitches used in all forms of Sewing via kootoyoo onto Sewing/ Needlework and Embroidery.

Idea for baby room door

Door reminder to love yourself and that you are loved-each girl could make one colour and give it to the rest of the girls? They could then make their own multi-coloured chain?

Lovely Embroidery Hair.

Free Embroidery Hoop Art Patterns

Handmade by JoHo - Vilten beer op wolk met sterren. Felt bear. Original idea of MyFelt Carla.

Handmade by JoHo - Vilten beer op wolk met sterren. Original idea of MyFelt Carla.

crazy quilting

Eye candy: Crazy-quilting

crazy quilt embroidery

I ❤ crazy quilting & ribbon embroidery . Snowball Fight- The Snowball Fight swap continues at Crazy Quilting International. My partner for April is Cathy K. Although at first i was a bit intimidated by the bright colors of

Sew So Crazy Quilting

Fool Proof Crazy Quilting, this is pieced, but maybe applique/decorative stitch the hexagons onto the background, or it might be interesting to do multiple size squares and rectangles