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an apartment building with multiple windows on the front and side of it's facade
에이플래폼, 건축의 시작
an apartment building with several windows on the side of it and two people walking down the street
Scattered Cube Housing by K2YT - IGNANT
a white building with many windows on the side
숭인공간 Sungin Home - 브리크매거진 -  BRIQUE MAGAZINE
a large building that is made out of bricks and has stairs leading up to it
Gallery of The Sales Center in Wenzhou TOD New Town / NAN Architects - 12
an empty parking lot in front of a brick building with lots of windows on it
*20년된 인더스트리얼 건물의 리모델링-[ Caseyfierro Architects ] Anish Kapoor Studio I
a tall white structure sitting on top of a lush green field next to a sidewalk
Freedom of the Press Monument / Gustavo Penna
the stairs are lit up at night time
Hong-Hyun Bukchon Information Office and Facilities / Interkerd Architects
an orange car is parked in front of a modern house with a triangular shaped roof
Reflection of Mineral
a white building with windows on the outside
Gallery of House Nizuc 01 / WEWI Studio - 5
a white building sitting on top of a brick floor next to a blue sky in the background
a white building with a tree in the center and sun shining on it's side
Cotaparedes Arquitectos completes Mexican home built around courtyards
a white building with windows on the side of it and cars parked in front of it
[단독주택] 후암동 협소주택