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a tall building with lots of plants growing on it's sides
Urban Tangle: Redefining Apartment Living Through Innovative Integration
oxo_arc: The architectural premise revolves around the innovative design concept of an apartment building that defies conventional norms by seamlessly blending function and form. #architecture #house #fashion #decor #diy #homedecor #amazingarchitecture #interiordesign #contemporaryhome #modern #residence #designer
an old building with balconies painted blue
Charming, colorful Cuba. Actually, I'd love to have this building as an in town Atelier!!! It is gorgeous!
an old building with a mosaic on the front door and side entrance to it's second story
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an apartment building with many windows and plants growing on it
The red tiles, which were once commonly used in Mediterranean architecture, are not as prevalent anymore. ⁠ ⁠ ✍️: @syntheticarchitecture • Tag illustrarch in your posts and stories for a chance to be featured.⁠ ⁠ 🏷️ #architecturehunter #modernbuildings #architectureforlife #urbandesignarchitecture #lifeofarchitecturestudent