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Gasai Yuno in wedding dress
Mirai Nikki~
Ready To Die ~ Mirai Nikki. :>
Yuno- I loved her character! She was a complete psychopathic Bad Ass and she was just so cool!!!!!
Tokyo Ghoul - Uta *q*  source : (Ok. I am THIS close to removing this! I get at least 2-3 notifications about it every day! And why repin my repin anyways?? Isn't the original upload somewhere???)
Uta from Tokyo Ghoul by Adrian Draculaman Haven't watched Tokyo Ghoul, but wow! Love this character design!
HES OFFICIALY ANDY NOW. iTS OFFICIAL. Bvb fandom meet Uta from Tokyo Ghoul an anime ( duh ) he is now OFFICIALY an anime Andy. Ok? Ok.
#gore #emo #anime
Shiro from Deadman Wonderland!