Hasta de lana. Búhos de todo tipo. :)

Chouette by Katy Tricot. Loved knitting this hat and it has a full range of sizes from baby to adult. It is funny how motifs recycle. I knit owls for my son when he was a baby. Craft Ideas,Crafts,DIY baby,I love owls!

Ravelry: Big Baa chart pattern by Tatyana Chambers

Free chart for your use. Please respect my work and don’t resell. Use for your pleasure, for making gifts or for yourself.

sweater with mitten pockets - DIY idea :) lovely

sweater with mitten pockets. You could add mitten-shaped pockets to any top or simple dress. Use felted sweaters for pockets.

Чудесные орнаменты мастерицы Ирины Русяевой (Гармаш): Дневник группы «ВЯЖЕМ ПО ОПИСАНИЮ»: Группы - женская социальная сеть myJulia.ru

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Wonderful ornaments masters Irina Rusyaeva (Garmash): Diary of the "Knitting by…