This is a quick mini-post that came together while I was working up a crochet pattern. I do a lot of working in the round, but I always run into one little hiccup. Every time I finish a round, I li...

Crocheting in the Round and Stitch Counts-A Chart for the Mathematical Crochet-er

Crochet Stitches in the Round _ Stitches per Round Chart ___ How to Increase the Number of Stitches when Crocheting in the Round ____ By cascadiacroche!!67646362.jpeg!!67646362.jpeg

Wayuu Mochila bottom

Mochila Navaho 1930 Bag-Tapestry,carry your yarnMochila,back loop only,optional yarn under Bottom 224 stSide fits the bottom

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Bold geometrics are densely crocheted by hand in bright shades of mauve, magenta, gold and navy. Detailed with a zipper top, shoulder strap and beaded tassels; fully lined with inside pocket.

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Modern Mochila Bag handmade Boho Bags Hippie от SchastlyvaTorba

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