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God will arise and scatter your enemies. Psalm 68:1🙏😇👋🌞
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7 Things Your Higher Self is Trying to Tell You
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a woman standing on top of a beach next to the ocean with text that reads, when your heart is pure and true god's favorite will follow you
a woman in black dress and heels walking down the street with her hand on her hips
an article with the words god says on it, in black and white text that reads
DON'T QUESTION YOURSELF!!!! If *you* think it's stupid..! It's *probably* not a good idea..!
a sunset with the quote don't think there are no crocodiles just because the water's calm
african proverbs | African Proverb Quotes And
a black and white photo with the words talking about our problems is our greatest addition break the habit talk about your joys
Still working on 1 & 2 but trying so hard to follow these guidelines Mental Health, Mindfulness, Positive Thoughts, Positive Thinking, Quotes About Strength, Positive Quotes, Strong Quotes
4 Ways to Use the Naked Basics Palette | by L'Oréal
Still working on 1 & 2 but trying so hard to follow these guidelines
the words jesus isn't a small part of my life, he is my life
an orange alarm clock sitting in front of a white wall with the words god's time is forever accurate, believe it trust it allow it