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Hi. I'm Rose! Just a blog with all the things that inspire me. Decorating ideas, renovations, all to do with the home!

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7 Important Exercises You're Probably Neglecting

Ankles are often neglected when it comes to your strength-training routine, but they shouldn't be. Strong, flexible ankles are an important foundation, helping

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Busy Week? Here's Your Quick 7-Day Workout Plan

Start your week off right with our "anywhere" workout. A quick set of bursts you can do in the morning, add to your cardio routine, or use if you are

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What to Eat Before and After a Workout

Need something to nosh before you hit the gym? These 50 snacks can fuel you up or boost your recovery post-workout.

Clamshell works on the stubborn lower abs and inner thigh! 30 reps repeat This hurts. We do this in our workout class. Clamshell works on the stubborn lower abs and inner thigh! 30 reps repeat This hurts. We do this in our workout class. Fitness Motivation, Fitness Diet, Health Fitness, Women's Health, Health Tips, Muscle Fitness, Gain Muscle, Workout Fitness, Build Muscle


Lie on your left side with your hips and knees bent 45 degrees. Stack your right leg on top of your left leg, heels together. Keeping your feet together and left leg on the floor, raise your right knee as high as you can without your heels coming apart. Pause, then return to the starting position.

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Too Cold to Get Out of Bed? A 5-Minute Energizing Warmup

No need for coffee: this quick workout will raise your heart rate and make you glad you didn't hit the snooze button. So drag yourself out of bed and do this

10 Teas to Help You Burn Fat, Slim Down and Sleep Better Drink Javita Lean+Green Tea. Javita coffee and tea for weightloss, energy, & mind clarity. Salate Warm, Ginger Tea, My Tea, How To Slim Down, Slim Down Drink, Tea Recipes, Sangria, Drinking Tea, Chai

10 Teas to Help You Burn Fat, Slim Down and Sleep Better

The best teas for your health can help burn calories, lose weight and improve sleep. Click through for the best teas for your health.

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Your Health: It's a Numbers Game

While healthcare specifics vary by individual, having a general understanding established by doctors and research can help guide your daily choices for the

Quick Healthy Breakfast On the Go . 20 Of the Best Ideas for Quick Healthy Breakfast On the Go . Quick and Healthy Breakfast Ideas S and Get Healthy, Healthy Recipes, Healthy Breakfasts, Healthy Weight, Breakfast Healthy, Breakfast Snacks, Healthy Foods, Diet Recipes, Morning Breakfast

Quick combos ! Grab to go in the morning where you over slept and in a rush. Usually me try not too LOL . Great ideas here tho!