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This implies about pastures are necessary for pasture rotation. Grazing Management Infographic We are going to expand and throw a party! Horse Stables, Horse Barns, Horse Paddock, Dream Stables, Horse Ranch, Horse Property, Mini Farm, Horse Tips, Ranch Life

Grazing Management | Zareba Electric Fences

Learn the importance of grazing and how to manage grazing on your property through Zareba's educational infographic.

From Barn to Fridge: 6 Tips for Safely Handling Raw Milk Six tips for safely handling your fresh milk after you get it out of your cow or goat. (and how to keep it fresh tasting too! Raw Milk, Fresh Milk, Homestead Farm, Homestead Living, Mini Farm, Mini Cows, Goat Farming, Cattle Farming, Living Off The Land

From Barn to Fridge: 6 Tips for Safely Handling Raw Milk • The Prairie Homestead

Uh… So what do you do after it comes out of the udder? It’s a question I get a lot–especially from folks of my generation whose previous experience with milk entails grabbing a jug of the white stuff out of the cooler at the grocery store. As I shared last week, I have weighed the […]

The Prairie Homestead - where they get big snow and milk a cow and goats. Mini Cows, Mini Farm, Raising Farm Animals, Homestead Farm, Homestead Living, Future Farms, Goat Farming, Living Off The Land, Backyard Farming

Once a Day Milking | The Prairie Homestead

Experience greater flexibility by following a once a day milking schedule for your cow or goat

We love raw milk! Want to know the raw truth about raw milk? Find out the raw FAQ's for raw milk here. They may make you think twice about drinking pasteurized milk. Milk Recipes, Whole Food Recipes, Raw Recipes, Healthy Recipes, Health And Nutrition, Health Tips, Health Benefits, Raw Milk Benefits, Health Articles

Raw Milk and The Raw Truth

Raw Milk and the raw truth. How many commercials have you seen lauding the praise of milk? But, what about raw milk?

Portable milking stall (and other livestock feeding techniques) Mini Cows, Mini Farm, Farm Projects, Animal Projects, Dairy Cattle, Future Farms, Goat Farming, Hobby Farms, Small Farm

Like this except rain would run down your back... George: "This is my milking stall. I bought a milking cow off a commercial farm. She could not be milked because she would not stand still. I realized that she had never stood on anything but concrete and could not get comfortable. I built this mobile stall to act as a waterer, feeder, salt lick station, weather proof cover for her and me, and to be mobile from pasture to pasture."

Miniature Breeds Of Cattle That Are Perfect For Small Farms Gado Leiteiro, Types Of Cows, Dexter Cattle, Longhorn Cow, Mini Cows, Homestead Farm, Future Farms, Beef Cattle, Homesteads

Dairy Cow Milk Stanchion & Random Photos

That's what we've been busy with this weekend. Relatively easy, it's not finished yet, we want to concrete the floor. Ping decided to mo...

Homemade milk stanchion for Dexter cow. NOTE: before you buy a Dexter, please… Dexter Cattle, Mini Cows, Farm Lifestyle, Animal Projects, Hobby Farms, Small Farm, Small Breed, Livestock, Farm Animals

La Petite Farm in Ohio

Handy Dandy Milking Stanchion...for short cows, who may or may not kick After we sold off Bossie's calf, she became nasty toward me in the milk stand. She would kick every chance she got, and as fast as I try to be...she clipped my knee good. Then if she really wanted to take me down, she would go sideways and push me into the corner and kick at me. I'm not one to back down from a fight...and I'd like to think I can outsmart a dumb cow (she's really not dumb and that's the problem!) . I…

Cow Milk Stanchion- would need smaller for goats Cattle Farming, Goat Farming, Livestock, Minature Cows, Dexter Cattle, Cow Tipping, Cow Shed, Mini Cows, Dairy Cattle

Cow Milk Stanchion

Well I finally got around to building the girls a milking stanchion. You may be wondering why I'm building one now when it still nearly a year before it will be used. Well at the rate it is taking me to tame these two I figure I'd better get started on getting them used to…