Step by step picture tutorial for basic crochet stitches. I really need to learn this.

Some basics in crochet for you, before I start showing you the pattern for the sisterhood crochet blanket squares

Really nice step by step picture tutorial for Basic crochet stitches. Learn to crochet! i want to learn crochet, but knitting will always be my true love, hehe.

How to deal with the pesky turning stitches so your edges will be straight

Biggest problem most people have -- How to get a straight edge on your work? Great tutorial that "demystifies double crochet" so you know how to crochet the end of the row, turn, and start the next row. It gives you straight edges this way.

Detailed graphs and layout.  Very very cool.  Has circular motif on the back also  graphed.    Mostly inspiration

Crochet Vest - Detailed graphs and layout. Has circular motif on the back also. Could modify an existing vest by adding a fur collar.

2146 patterns to crochet

Can use as Zentangle inspiration. 2146 patterns to crochet! [And to help me practice reading crochet diagrams, instead of relying on written instructions.

Romanian Point Lace crochet cords and braids in Anna Burda magazine, March 1981

Macramé Style Crochet (Romanian Point Lace) in Anna Burda, March 1981

Reading Crochet: How to Count Chains and Stitches and Where to Put Your Hook

Reading Crochet: How to Count Chains and Stitches and Where to Put Your Hook (for the students in my crochet class)

Crochet Stitch Pattern

Crochet Stitch Pattern (Russian site with instructions in Japanese, but there are photos and diagrams)

Ravelry: Solomon's Knot Join for Flower Looms pattern by Sarah Bradberry  Gorgeous free pattern (and explanation/demo of the stitch used)

Flower Looms: Solomon's Knot Join Tutorial step by step ✿Teresa Restegui…

Noro silk garden yarn - love this yarn

Noro silk garden yarn - if I ever get good enough at knitting to merit a truly beautiful yarn.