Este tutorial va a informarle de una forma de cómo hacer accesorios para el cabello de las niñas; para ser más específicos, con este tutorial vamos a crear un clip de pelo del arco lindo

bow This tutorial is going to inform you a way of how to make hair accessories for girls; to be more specific, with this tutorial you will create a cute bow hair clip which can be presented as gift for valentine s day.

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How to make a layered bow. Lay the thin orange ribbon vertical (not shown on step). Place the wide orange ribbon into loops on top of the thin ribbon with one end of the ribbon on the left and the other end on the right. / Photo # 42 - SUSANNA SOLOALBUM 2002-11 + Archive - Mosca / Photo # 42 - SUSANNA SOLOALBUM 2002-11 + Archive - Mosca

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Moon and star. Pattern made by me, original image not mine. Link to original can be found on pattern.