Ghost Bead Count and Lace ... for math and fine motor.

This is a great center activity for younger students hat need help with both math & fine motor skills. Ghost Bead Count and Lace . for math and fine motor.

Mr. First Grade used hoola hoops for Racing Around the Clock

Pin Literacy- Read Cluck o' Clock by Kes Gray before activity. It is about telling time. Students use the hula hoop clock on the board and create the time given. The students are on teams and are racing to see who can put up the correct time first.

Kapi susu

Instead of rain do rainbows hanging down for both sides of windows

This can be changed to letters instead of numbers and the hands can reflect sign language for each letter to show inclusiveness for children and family members with hearing disabilities.

14124287_10209099849508407_8299078389786861613_o.jpg (640×960)

14124287_10209099849508407_8299078389786861613_o.jpg (640×960)

AEE - Tecnologias na Educação: Oficina em AEE

Could investigate with rubber gloves & then draw all the combinations they find

J'aime bien cette idée de matériel ! D'un côté on colle les opérations à effectuer, de l'autre côté les élèves doivent visser des bouchons avec le résultat. Le machine est fabriquée à partir de bouchons de briques de lait ou de jus de fruit.

Milk Carton Facts screw answer lids onto cut-off milk carton tops. use plastic pockets for the left side so you can change facts/operations