Fennec fox

Collection by Sophmarch

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Will someone please get me one of these? Ryan won't let me have a kitty... I feel like this is the next best thing.

🦊The fennec, or desert fox, is a canine mammal species of the genus Vulpes, which inhabits the Sahara Desert and Arabia. This is the smallest species of the family Canidae. Photography by ©Francisco Minogorance . Cut Animals, Rare Animals, Cute Baby Animals, Funny Animals, Animal Babies, Exotic Animals, Strange Animals, Zorro Fennec, Primates

Baby Fennec Fox

Even if you're an animal lover, you probably meet only a fraction of all the 1,367,555 non-insect species identified on Earth. But don't let this fact sadden you, think about all the interesting creatures you are yet to discover! We have introduced some of them in the past, but only their adult form. This time Bored Panda has compiled a list of rare animal babies that you probably didn't know exist.