iPhone 6′nın Yeni Konsept Tasarımı Yapıldı

iPhone 6 concept video shows off curved display with iPad Air design

General Mobile Discovery Elite Teknik Özellikleri

General Mobile, Discovery Elite’i Tanıttı!

Flappy Bird Tekrar Uygulama Mağazalarına Eklenecek

Flappy Bird, the game that is going to make you go gaga over it - Tech N Web Today

WhatsApp Android Uygulamasına Gizlilik Güncellemesi Geldi

Whatsapp image Whatsapp hits a new high: Over 250 Million Active Users

iOS 7.1 Güncellemesinde Bulunan Özellikler

Apple has released a major update for its mobile OS. iOS fixes several vulnerabilities and also provides several new features, including integration of CarPlay, Apple's new technology to use your iPhone in your car.

Windows Phone İçin Facebook Messenger Uygulaması Yayınlandı

Windows Phone İçin Facebook Messenger Uygulaması Yayınlandı

Sony PlayStation 4 Satışları 6 Milyonu Geçti

The launch of Sony Play station 4 has attracted an incredible demand world-wide and is known to be out-of-stock in the leading retail outlets.

Beklenen General Mobile Discovery Güncellemesi Yayınlandı

General Mobile Discovery Factory Mode ve Recovery Mode’a Giriş Erol Dizdar

Samsung Galaxy S5′in Üst Seviye Yeni Modeli Çıkabilir

10 Things You’ll Definitely Want to Know How to Do on Your Galaxy [Technology Reporter Aug 5

Google Hangouts’a Büyük Bir Güncelleme Geldi

Google Hangouts’a Büyük Bir Güncelleme Geldi

Samsung Amiral Gemisi Galaxy S5′i Resmi Olarak Tanıttı

Samsung Galaxy Touch Screen Smartphone Unlocked Mobile Phone Cell Phone 4 Colors US Standard Adapter (Certified Refurbished) (Black) ** Click image for more details.

Samsung Galaxy S5′in Görüntüleri Ortaya Çıktı

Hail Britannia: One third of trade-ins for the Samsung Galaxy in Britain have been iPhone owners, report Says - AIVAnet