You haven't truly experienced the beauty and last true essence of the wild, until you've looked into the eyes of the wolf.

The Howling.

Funny pictures about Wolf howling in the cold. Oh, and cool pics about Wolf howling in the cold. Also, Wolf howling in the cold photos.

White Wolf by on @deviantART

this is my fave pic of a white wolf drinking water this photo was taken by someone who is on Deviantart and sorry I do not know the persons name


Then is fulfilled Hlín's second sorrow, when Óðinn goes to fight with the wolf, and Beli's slayer, bright, against Surtr. Then shall Frigg's sweet friend fall.


During her adventure, a protecting wolf spirit named Enáth (meaning: New Moon) joins Shimounah's fellowship. But Enáth keeps a heavy burden: He is not who he appears to be.

Howling high on a mountain top, Sending shivers up my spine, Stands a lonely sentinel Calling to others of his kind. - by Charles W. Russell

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a celestial prison, beams of light ailing all beneath it. magic was no longer aligned with the moon, but rather subjected to it's affliction.

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She entered the cage it was snowing tremendously. Mae sat in the corner of the cell shivering like a scared dog. The coldness of the floor seeped into her pants. She was no longer a warrior princess, just a scared broken girl.

Inspo // Werewolves

~REFLECTIONS~ I live by a principle, a thought, that evereything that you reflect to the world will be reflected back to you. That's why you can expect that the world will reflect back only what you.

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