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Crochet Wall Pockets by tree_bridge. What a fantastic, cute idea! Even the wooden knitting needles as the wooden hangers! I'm making this for my craft room!

Crocheted Bathroom Organizer.

Crochet Bathroom Door Organizer maybe Caley will make this for me. I want to hang it on my bathroom door.

Crochet heart and leaves freebie links. This is so stunning, thanks so for sharing xox

Crocheted hearts wall hanging close up. Free pattern with links. Thanks to Creative Jewish Mom.


Tallow Crochet Tote Bag from Urban Outfitters.looks like several giant granny squares stitched together.

Crochet vest pattern~k8~:


Basic granny square vest (Russian link does not go directly to this particular vest)

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שמיכת ריבועי שמש