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the magic of silent e activities ideas freebies
The Magic of Silent E
a young child is playing with letters and numbers on a table that reads blending the science of reading
Blending Sounds
the non - fiction research paper is shown with pencils and crayons
Research Project Template - Sparkling in Second Grade
a picture of worksheets that are short vowel intervention support, it includes coloring, cutting and pasting, and center ideas Phonics, Vowel Sound, Vowel Sounds, Short Vowel Sounds, Phonics Videos, Vowel, Short Vowel Activities, Letter Sounds
Short I vs Short E Intervention Ideas
Looking for an effective way to improve your kindergarten, first grade, or second grade students' short vowel skills? This resource for short i and short e intervention is the perfect solution! This pack includes engaging worksheets and fun center activities that will help your students master the basics of short vowels (distinguishing between short i and short e). #shortvowels #shortvowelintervention #shortvowelactivities #shortvowelworksheets
A student is working on a read and color sight word practice activity Sight Words, Sight Word Practice, Teaching Sight Words, Sight Word Activities, Sight Word Fun, Reading Fluency
5 Sight Word Practice Activities
Are you looking for engaging ways to practice sight words? Check out these five sight word practice activities for elementary students! These engaging activities will help your students improve sight word recognition and reading fluency.
A main idea and details worksheet with color crayons Comprehension, First Grade, Teaching Main Idea, Teaching Comprehension, Comprehension Skill
How to Teach Main Idea and Details
Are you looking for a fun way to teach main idea? Check out this post that outlines how to teach main idea and details. Students will gain a better understanding of main idea and key details with these activities.
A student holds a book while surrounded by other colorful books Texts, Close Reading, Reading Tips, Student, Readers, Language, 10 Things
10 Graphic Novels for Beginning Readers
As students gain more confidence in reading, they are often ready to move onto longer texts. Graphic novels are a great way to help students build stamina and read longer texts. Check out these ten graphic novels for beginning readers. Your students will love these beginning graphic novels!
Two students are participating in a reading fluency activity Fluency Activities, Fluency Practice, Reading Practice
5 Activities for Reading Fluency
Could your students use more reading practice to help improve fluency? Check out these five engaging activities for reading fluency. Students love these activities that help them improve accuracy and reading confidence.
A roll and read fluency worksheet Reading Comprehension, Writing Skills, 2nd Grade Reading, Phonics Words, Word Building Activities, Phonics Instruction, Reading Fluency Games, Reading Groups
FREE Roll and Read Reading Fluency Activity
This FREE Roll and Read printable activity gets students excited to practice reading! This printable reading fluency activity helps students build accuracy and confidence in reading. Click here to download your copy of this free roll and read activity!
A grammar activity worksheet sits on a table with a pencil Grammar, Task Cards, Grammar Skills, Teaching Grammar, Grammar Activities, Nouns
5 Ways to Teach Grammar in the Elementary Classroom
Grammar can be a challenging subject to teach in elementary classrooms. I'm sharing five of my favorite ways to teach grammar. These grammar activities keep students engaged in learning!
Bookshelves in a school library Newsreaders, Books For Beginning Readers, Early Readers, Reluctant Readers, Reading Levels, Easy Chapter Books, Reading Skills, Books To Read
Easy Chapter Books for Beginning Readers
Chapter books can either serve as encouragement for beginning readers or completely overwhelm new readers. With the right chapter books, your students will get excited to progress with their reading skills. Check out this post with my favorite easy chapter books for beginning readers.
A shades of meaning cut and paste activity Learning, Anchor Charts, Inspiration
Fun Ways to Teach Shades of Meaning
If you're looking for a simple, effective, and engaging way to teach shades of meaning in first grade, be sure to check out this post. I'm sharing fun ideas for teaching shades of meaning, including helpful printable resources! Your students will love learning more about shades of meaning.
Two sight word activity worksheets Literacy, Reading Words, Sight Word, Word Activities
5+ Engaging Sight Word Practice Activities
These sight word activities bring some fun and engagement to your literacy instruction. Help your students practice sight words and build word reading fluency with these fun sight word activities. You'll even find a FREE sight word printable activity!
Close-up image of fanned out pages from an emergent reader printable Emergent Readers Free, Grade 1, Choice Boards
FREE Emergent Reader Printable
Emergent readers are a great way to help young learners grow in confidence and get excited about reading. If you'd like to try emergent readers with your students, check out this post! I have a FREE emergent reader printable for you to try with your students.