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a painting of a woman sitting in front of a window
terminus ante quem
Carlo Varese
a drawing of a man sitting in a green chair with his arm wrapped around him
Ossie Wearing a Fairisle Sweater, David Hockney
a drawing of a woman sitting in a chair with her head on her hands and legs crossed
Aat Verhoog
a painting of a bedroom with a blue bed and white curtains on the windowsill
Shanti Shea An
two slices of watermelon sitting on top of a wooden table
Old Paint
Makoto Funatsu
a painting of the moon setting over water
Ferdinand Hart Nibbrig
a black and white photo of an astronaut in space with his hands on his face
John Glenn, Moebius
an old drawing of a woman sitting in front of a pipe organ and another person standing next to her
Danbury Shakes - surrealism: L’immaculée conception by Max Ernst,...
L’immaculée conception, Max Ernst
a painting of a woman holding a flower
šwakarahen / ganbaresugi - youcannottakeitwithyou: Szabó Kálmán Gáborjáni...
Szabó Kálmán Gáborjáni
a painting of the ocean with waves coming in to shore and a person walking on the beach
Koichi Okumura
an image of a water scene with trees in the background
Václav Radimský
an abstract painting with blue, white and grey colors
Rain (Study), 1960 - Agnes Martin -
Rain (Study), Agnes Martin
an oil painting of a sailboat in the ocean at sunset with clouds above it
The Mediterranean, Nikolai Dubovskoi