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Medical | Chronic Pain/Illness, Disabled

Being disabled & suffering from fibromyalgia, CRPS or any type of chronic pain/chronic illness is the real pits! It can lead to so many problems with: mobility…
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Purple is the Awareness Ribbon color for Fibromyalgia.

Awareness | Clothing & Jewelry

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Nerve pain might not kill you, but it feels like a work in progress. I have nerve pain so bad .


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Recent blog post discussing how a tens unit can help with knee pain.
Back pain can be debilitating and worsen with time. Using your Tens machine for back pain relief can reduce your dependency on over the counter medications.

TENS Unit Therapy

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If you are bored from your everyday hairstyle, then it is time to do something new and exiting with your hair. Our suggest is to try some hair accessories, and for this post today we chose the bandana. There are many ways to wear bandana on to your hair, and a million different designs that you can find. It is all up to your taste and what you like the most. There are different colors, shapes, patterns and designs. And in this post, as you already know, our Top Inspired team collected the bes...
pin-up bandanas

Hair Ideas - Cuts, Styles, Accessories | Chronic Pain

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Living With... | Functionalish

Blogs & Articles | Chronic Illness | Pain

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7 Tips for Getting Home Health Care (HHC) | My Medicare Matters

At-Home Health Care

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Are You a Caregiver or Codependent Caretaker? | What Is Codependency?


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Another Sunday night has come and gone, and it was another Sunday night that I was unreasonably sad. Nowhere near as sad as last week, and I definitely wasn’t suicidal this week, but I was sad nonetheless. I was once again lonely. Several people have told me, “you can’t place the burden of your happiness…

Am I a Burden?

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Caregiver Support and Resources
A Caregiver’s Guide to Coping with Stress and Burnout
As a Spouse of Someone in Chronic Pain - YouTube


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CRPS Comfortable Clothing | RSDSA
Balancing Comfort And Fashion When You Have A Chronic Illness – Cassie Creley
Find the top 10 comfy clothes women love that aren't onesies here and get comfortable while you cope with your illness.

Clothing & Fashion

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30 Lessons about life with a chronic illness... [CC] - YouTube
Effect: You're not in touch with your true and legitimate needs for loving connection, validation, security, and support  Cause: Adolescent numbness, depression, lack of parental nurture, constant emotional chaos from parent fighting, no model about how to notice your feelings or interpret what they mean
A new study by researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University that analyzed 502 posts on Pinterest about chronic pain revealed that the social media platform is helping people with chronic pain cope by sharing self-care and pain-management tips, venting about their pain’s severity, and supporting others who are similarly suffering.


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CRPS/RSD | Organizations & Resources

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CRPS/RSD | Research

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CRPS/RSD | Symptom Management

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Tips for a Peaceful Home for the Highly Sensitive Person
Chronic Illness, Scheduling & De-Cluttering by The Busy Woman thebusywoman.com

Decluttering & Organizing

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Jess Williams (@pinecone.papers) • Instagram photos and videos
I keep refining my flare symptom tracker, and now it covers two pages! 😄 All that vital info is now nicely organized and easy to read. Grab…

Diaries, Trackers, Journals, Planners

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It’s one thing to deal with disability bigotry from complete strangers. It’s entirely another to have it walk unbidden into your life in the figure of a family member. I’m not sure how to describe the shock and grief except to say that they were both profound.


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Young & Chronically Ill

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Lost Posture: Why Some Indigenous Cultures May Not Have Back Pain : Goats and Soda : NPR
Spine Anatomy

Effects on Body

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Spoons have become a powerful symbol of people’s invisible pain


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What Chronic Pain Feels Like - YouTube
Invisible Illness and Incommunicable Diseases: Emily Reach White at TEDxGreenville - YouTube
The Fifth Vital Sign : NPR (Pain)

Explaining Chronic Pain

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(8) Real Pain and 'Explosive' Brains | Fibromyalgia - YouTube
A Good Day Vs. A Bad Day With Chronic Pain - YouTube
Chronic Illness and Isolation: Why I Say "I'm Fine" - YouTube

Explaining Fibromyalgia

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Treat Fibromyalgia by Identifying and Treating Associated Adrenal Fatigue


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Are you curious about a whole-food, plant-based diet? The T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies is here to help you get started.
The low-FODMAP diet can drastically improve digestive symptoms for many people. This article explains everything you need to know about this diet.
How can diet affect fibromyalgia symptoms?

Fibromyalgia Diet

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A Rational Guide to Fibromyalgia: The science of the mysterious disease of pain, exhaustion, and mental fog.
Using a weighted blanket for fibromyalgia | Weighted blankets help to improve anxiety and sleep, and may be useful in managing the pain and cognitive difficulties associated with fibromyalgia.
What would you add to the list?

Fibromyalgia | Living With It

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