Tuğçe Srcyl
Tuğçe adlı kullanıcıdan daha fazla fikir
Outstanding work from criscoart
Glass Illusion Table
Tutorial on how to transfer photos onto beach glass. This is super rad. Never seen anything like it.
DIY Resin bracelet
metalonmetalblog:      Mark Ryden    PUELLA ANIMO AUREO
resin pendants. designs could be drawn on shrinky dinks and possibly recreated.
Spoon Necklace
Branches in resin. -I don't know if I could ever pull this off but I think it's beautiful.
Купить Серьги "ICE №1" из ювелирной эпоксидной смолы - зеленый, прозрачные серьги
Omg! These are "Friendship Rings" and they can put any design in them!!! But i love the Jellys!