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a cross stitch pattern with a flower on the center and an arrow in the middle
Harf Etamin Şablonları - Kadın Sanat, Etamin, punch, dizi, moda
a cross stitch pattern with the letters and numbers
Siffror i korsstygn
an item on the app shows that it has been made with embroidery and is not in use
a cross stitched snowflake on a white background
a white table cloth with purple flowers on it and two napkins in the middle
two white towels with embroidered flowers on them
a white table cloth with pink flowers on it and a cross stitched border around the edge
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a cross stitch pattern with pink and green designs on it's side, in the middle
two white napkins with embroidered designs on them
three white and blue cross - stitched pillows on top of each other, one with an embroidered flower design
Kanaviçe/Etamin on Instagram: “3 parçadan oluşan salon takımı💙 #etamin #etaminaski #kanavice #kanaviçe #kanaviçem #kanaviceaski #amerikanservis #etaminhavlu #etaminkolye…” - Lucy