(99) I wonder if this stitch pattern has a name - YES, it does!  Sea scallop on http://freeknitstitches.com/pattern.php?num=270


An interesting stitch pattern. Not in English, but it is a stitch chart that looks easy to figure out.

Très joli motif

Lattice Lace knitting pattern with nupps (looks Estonian) ~~ "Beautiful pattern for blankets" = Красивый узор для пледов

Baby Blanket #5, Blue Baby Blanket, Handknit Baby Afghan, Handmade Blanket…

Baby Blanket Blue Baby Blanket Hand Knit Baby Afghan Handmade Baby Blanket Hearts Cables Eyelet Pattern Baby Blanket Collectible USD) by Ednascloset

Free Knitting Scarf Pattern

Olivia's Scarf, haven't been able to find pattern for this yet:( Here are links to the "hourglass eyelet" stitch…

easy baby blanket knitting pattern

Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern, Staggered Square - Free Pattern

Baby Blanket Pattern, Knit Baby Blanket Pattern, Heart Baby Blanket Pattern, Crib Blanket - Knitting Pattern by Deborah O'Leary

Ravelry: Making Tracks Blanket pattern by Megan Delorme

For those newly venturing into the world of cables this may just be your pattern. Or for those looking for an interesting yet easily memorized cable and texture pattern….

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