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Bamboo Sumi-e by Valeria Viscardi. Japanese Painting, Chinese Painting, Chinese Art, Chinese Brush, Chinese Prints, Art Zen, Sumi E Painting, Peace Painting, Fire Painting

Bamboe tak

Bamboe is in ieder seizoen groen, en symboliseert daarin zijn aanpassingsvermogen.

Ukio-e is a genre of woodblock prints and paintings that were originated in Japan just after the Chinese invented printmaking. Japan Illustration, Art Occidental, Japanese Woodcut, Art Asiatique, Art Japonais, Japanese Painting, Japanese Prints, Japan Art, Japanese Culture

a man with a past

千束の池 / The Pond of Senzoku, 1923, 高橋松亭 / Takahashi Shôtei. (1871 - 1945) - Color Woodblock -

Willowy Kitties, by morreth on LJ cute whimsical illustration of willow catkins made of cats Crazy Cat Lady, Crazy Cats, I Love Cats, Cute Cats, Funny Cats, Hilarious Animals, Here Kitty Kitty, Cat Drawing, Cat Art

Seems weird not to be doing these...

I get bored easily, so in my years as an elementary art teacher, I would continually try out new ideas with my students, and I liked to intr...

Monkey, Chinese New Year card, Zen Chinese Zodiac, Original Sumi ink Painting… Japan Illustration, Monkey Illustration, Zen Chinese, Chinese Zodiac, Chinese Culture, Zen Painting, Chinese Painting, Chinese New Year 2016, Year Of The Monkey

Monkey, Chinese New Year card, Zen Chinese Zodiac, Original Sumi ink Painting, zen decor, zen japan illustration, childrens room art, 2016

Year of the Monkey 2016 in the Chinese Zodiac, one-of-a-kind painting - Monkey reaching for the moon in the water. Happy New Year! Chinese New Year of the Monkey begins on February 8, 2016. Happy New Year 2016. Comes with a lucky red envelope to send unique New Year's Greetings! for New Baby, Nursery Room Art, baby shower gift. Do you know a monkey? Monkey Years are: 1908*1920*1932*1944*1956*1968*1980*1992*2004*2016 You will receive a unique, original sumi ink zen painting. Size is 4" x 9"…

A magpie couple on a bare willow tree in chilly autumn wind, ink painting by Xu Beihong via TW by All Things Chinese ‏ Sumi E Painting, China Painting, Gravure Photo, Asian Artwork, Art Asiatique, Tinta China, China Art, Zen Art, Japanese Painting

Xu Beihong's Magpies | Chinese Painting

Xu Beihong (徐悲鴻, 徐悲鸿, 1895-1953) and his Magpie Painting Gallery at China Online Museum.