; golden bow

Collection by Florence


before embarking on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.

Longbow and side-quiver, oak tree II

A fairy of the norwegian woods

A Fairy of the Norwegian Woods, working for peace, freedom, justice, goodness, beauty, and a greener humanity in harmony with plants, animals, each other, the Earth and the Universe.

Arm bracer, bow and arrow One day I will learn archery.

emptyheartsonfire: tmg on paper bark Flowey Undertale, Aho Girl, Night Vale, Mellow Yellow, Bill Cipher, In This World, Drama Queens, Chanyeol, Just For You

untie for me your high blue gown

shay. she/hers. 21. gryffindor, lesbian, huge nerd. comics, tv, the mountain goats, gay books,...