The symphony of colors ( Yeni, Cami, Istanbul ) by Vadim Arshavsky

The symphony of colors (Yeni Cami, Istanbul, Turkey) By: Vadim Arshavsky jen-meade: This blows me away! sericite: buddhabrot: hikenow:llbwwb: The symphony of colors (Yeni Cami, Istanbul) By: Vadim Arshavsky


I remember walking around the narrow streets amazed at all the wires crossing bldg to bldg


Such a beautiful interior & details ~ "The House Cafe'" Istanbul. Went to the one in Ortakoy twice - fabulous!

1925 | Tram Lines

Istanbul, Turkey - Tourist Map showing plan tours bus routes around the city and to the tourist

Punched a hole in a lens cap to experiment with pinhole photos. This is Ayasofia, in Istanbul.

Istanbul through a pinhole (with link to a DIY pinhole for cameras at the end).