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two commemorative coins depicting the state of germany and an image of a map with flowers on it
Original Militaria Challenge Coins (2001-Now) for sale | eBay
U s Army Baumholder Germany "The Rock" Usag Challenge Coin | eBay
the u s army garrison emblem
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two people standing in front of an old castle
Faulenberg Castle, Baumholder, Germany
a white building with a red awning next to it's entrance and trees in the background
Germany, Baumholder: U.S. Army Garrison, Baumholder • UNKNOWN
Bosnia - CEV/AVLB Tank commander - 40th Engr Bn of Baumholder, Germany Bamberg, Armed Forces, Cold War Military, Infantry, Military Weapons, Battalion, War Machine, Armored Fighting Vehicle, Armored Vehicles
Bosnia - CEV/AVLB Tank commander - 40th Engr Bn of Baumholder, Germany
an emblem with the words, construction et destruction written in red and white on it
40th Engr Bn - 1st Armor Div - Baumholder, Germany
an old ironsides warning sign with a hammer and screwdriver on it
1st AD Weisbaden & Baumholder Germany (until 2009)
an emblem on the side of a red wall that says salem 68th armor bathhouse
2cd BN 68th Armor Baumholder
black and white photograph of people riding on horses pulling a cart down the street with a sign that says hawai bar
Baumholder. This building still looked almost the same when I lived here!
an old black and white photo of men standing in front of a building with flags on it
Baumholder 57-59
Baumholder 57-59 German Army, New People, Military History, Military Vehicles, 20th Century
Baumholder 57-59
an old black and white photo of a town in the distance with boats on it
Wow, check out the date! Baumholder