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two people standing on top of a giant heart with a ladder going up to it
the yin symbol with sunflowers and leaves on it is painted in bright colors
the heart is on fire and it appears to be in flames
an owl with glasses reading a book in front of a bright light and the moon
the cover for redemming sema, featuring two young men with green eyes
Redeeming Senpai (Notice Me Senpai Book 2)
One runaway. One social worker. Two lives searching for redemption. Kai Akiyama never expected to love again. After one fateful night, Kai resigned himself to a life of secrets and loneliness. Liam Kroll needed something to cling to after those he loved had thrown him away. He wanted something more than a life in the ghetto. When Kai pulled Liam from death, both know they couldn’t hide from the thing they want most. Each other.
a heart with flowers and the word hello written in it's center on a pink background
a tie - dyed heart is shown in red, green, yellow and blue colors
a heart shaped box filled with lots of roses and a bow on top of it
a painting of a woman standing next to a white unicorn in the middle of a forest
a colorful flower with butterflies flying around it
an artistic circular design with stars and crescents