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the silent road by s n mckibben is shown in this book cover
The Silent Road
As Jake and I travel together, the long drive and miles ahead of us bring us closer than I'm comfortable with─or am I? Suddenly, I'm feeling things I never thought possible with another man. Could Jake be the "ride or die" I've been yearning for my entire life? Is the road less traveled the one I've always needed? Am I scared? Hell, yes!
the king's thief by s n mckilben is on an ipad
The King's Thief
Lady Dauphine keeps a secret that could restore her country from the clutches of Randish rule. For what can one woman do against the religious leaders that hold Quenarre hostage? Chartan LeBeau commands royalty with his demeanor, subdue arguments with the language of silent intimidation, and keeps the affections of the last royal descendant of the true king of Quenarre. Yet all his talents do not convince his future queen turned temptress to return and command an army to take back her throne.
the cover to seducing sensee
New Release ♦ Seducing Sensei
New Release ♦ Seducing Sensei Looking for love, Moriel Reis finds it--but why here? A professional teacher by day, Moriel learns that students can sometimes be the best teachers. Eighteen-year-old Scott Cooper and Itsuma Karter, two of his students share similar interests—including lust for each other. Emotions flare when Itsuma challenges “Mr. Reis’s” authority. After Moriel harshly disciplines Itsuma in front of the entire class, the young student vows to regain a piece of his wounded pride
an open book with a glass of wine sitting on top of it next to two books Dr. Vampyre - When a college professor is blackmailed by a student, he has to walk the fine line of being true to his principles and not letting his bloody secret out.
a woman in a long pink dress standing next to a tree with the words the secret of aberi on it Two noble families meet in a whirlwind of battle, conquest, hate, and passion. When a neighboring army conquers her home, Princess Alexia is forced to marry her father’s murderer, Darrin, the new king's young prince.
Sexcapades of the Desperate, the Naughty and the Perverted Shorts-off Comilation of: Lady Alene and the Widower But For You, Yes Cougar Bait in the Coffee Shop Books, Lady, Shorts, Desperate, Widow, Bait, Achievement, Yes, Amazon
Sexcapades of the Desperate, the Naughty and the Perverted Shorts-off Comilation of: Lady Alene and the Widower But For You, Yes Cougar Bait in the Coffee Shop
the cover for escape to vampire dan by s n mckilben, featuring an image of a naked woman holding a rose
Escape to Vampire Dam
two hands tied up with rope against a brick wall
Neush hadn't known she'd be demon bait when she slipped on her jeans this morning. Now, her own family is dragging her, kicking and screaming, to the marble wall and securely fastening her in true medieval sacrifice style. But instead of an animal, Neush knows the man who is demon possessed. She appeals to her friends’ human side for help. Zhiek now has a choice and a passion for blood to slake. But his idea of saving Neush is very... unconventional.
a cup of coffee and beans on a wooden table with the words cougar fail in
Cougar Bait in the Coffee Shop Excerpt
Cougar Bait in the Coffee Shop - S.N.McKibben - Though Kalyan finds Satomi irresistible, she's resistant to the idea of becoming his lover. Nearly twenty years younger, Kalyan would do anything to become Satomi's cougar bait.
But For You, Yes (Shorts-off #2) Kindle, That Look, Incoming Call
But For You, Yes (Shorts-off #2)
lady alene and the widower by s n mckibben book cover
Lady Alene and the Widower--A disparaging widower tries to conquer his urges with a companion who won't contend with his dead wife. Enter Lady Alene, a professional who knows what a man needs and bares all for the recovery of a client.
the night sky is filled with stars and trees
Demon of My Heart Journals: Flight
the sky is filled with purple clouds as the sun sets in the distance over mountains
Demon of My Heart Journal: Blood Lust
the sun is setting over some trees and buildings
Demon of My Heart Journal: Under the Stars
a lone tree silhouetted against the evening sky
Demon of My Heart: Blood Doll Thief