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an advertisement for the green is red campaign with birds flying over trees and people on land
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Posters, Feminism, Power To The People, Intersectionality, Truth, Tolerance, American Idiot, Tough, Capitalism
Póster for Sale con la obra «¡El fascismo se está extendiendo! ¡Protégete a ti mismo!» de dru1138
a poster with an image of two cats fighting over the same thing in red and black
Anti War Poster | Etsy
a blue and red poster with an emblem on it
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the emblem for an army is shown in this old photo, with red ribbon around it
Soviet Postcards: Photo
an image of the ussr emblem in red, blue and yellow with other symbols around it
35 Of The Most Impressive Communist Propaganda Posters
a poster with an image of a man holding a hammer
an image of a man with the words viva la revolucion on it
a red and black poster with a man's face on it
a poster with the words fight for your rights written on it and an image of a fist
Premium Vector | Demonstration, revolution, protest raised arm fist with fight rights caption.
there is a sign that says tek yo devrim