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Edit: Back up for adoption! Up for adoption! Status: Closed $15.00 Owner: The Pokémon used in a fusion belong to ©Gamefreak / Nintendo The fusion design belongs to ©Seoxys&nbs...

Drawn during one of my live stream! It was quite a challenge that one x_x Arceus can be fused with pretty much anything, while Cryogonal is a pain to fu. Arceus X Cryogonal [Closed]

Latias and Goodra!

I love this cutie pie so much *o* It's probably one of my favorite fusion I've made, it looks so innocent Going LIVE in every Monday to Frid. [Closed] Latias x Goodra

Drawn during my live stream yesterday! Commission are currently closed, but feel free to check out my commission info for the next round! Chikorita x Suicune

Espeon X Latios [open] by on @DeviantArt

big ears espeon gem latios no legs no mouth paws pink fur purple eyes simple background solo tail tattoo text white fur wings

DeviantArt: More Like Team Chaos by Seoxys6

A commission for Scheiner on Twitch This is part 4 of the series The previous evolutions are up in my gallery, and the Mega X version is coming la. Mega Garchomp x Mega Charizard Y

It's so fat

Edit: They announced a Koala Pokémon today omg xD Either gamefreak are spying on my streams or I have psychic powers > -->&nb.