Technique to turn garter stitch to tartan

Making garter stitch stripes into plaid - WOW unbelievable - this is GREAT! After knitting garter stitch, then weave in the plaid stripes!

Cap-turbante / Cappelli / SECOND STREET

Умелые ручки

кофточка с перекрещенными полочками


i think you could make this with tunisian. when it gets the the split, you could keep working half the stitches until both halves are long enough and then start stitching across the entire piece again at the other end.

Жакет с планками-косами вязаный спицами. Жакет из толстых ниток спицами | Домоводство для всей семьи

ТВОРОГ-это вкусно!

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wool and the gang™ -  Sideline Top

Sideline Top Checkers design inspiration on Fab - I think that this would be fairly easy to make in crochet