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Tokyo Ghoul [GIF] - Almost never pin gifs. This is an exception.

(Edit: If you haven't watched Tokyo Ghoul, this must seem random to you. Well, watch Tokyo Ghoul and come back to me. :) )<<< I e watched Tokyo ghoul and I'm still confused- I'll admit, it was a REALLY long time ago, so that might be why

Tokyo Ghoul - Uta x Free! crossover

I just started watching Tokyo Ghoul not to long ago and yet I love Uta already, but why?Maybe because he's hot as hell?


Client: NikeDirection: Christopher DeGaetanoYear: work by Nike,inc. World Headquarters for summer Designed 3 illustrations. The Nike swoosh in 2 versions, a 'Just Do It' illustration in black and white versions and a skull illus…