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This original caption made me laugh out loud: "Baby Pigs. pigs awww" <----- I would just like to point out these are dogs.

baby chow's so fluffaaay!! Lol

Feel down? Look at a picture of a chow chow puppy. There's no way you can look at this and not smile! I used to own a chow chow when I was a little girl.

So tired. Cute puppy photo.

Cute Emergency on

O MY WORD! I want this puppy! His name is Boo and he is a mini Pomeranian. :) ♥ ME TOO Karen Osborn has one and I wanted him then( I thought he was a teddy bear until he moved.

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Crazy cute puppy

Very Cute Little Puppies Oh my little ones! These little puppies are so cute!I am sure this will make you smile.

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