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استغفر الله العظيم

Islamic Visual Artist and Typographer. "And remind, for indeed, the reminder benefits the believers.


Islamic Marriage Quotes for Husband and Wife are About Marriage In Islam with Love, Islamic Wedding is a blessed contract between a man and a woman(Muslim


Islamic Art and Quotes - Quran Animation Originally found on:.

Al-A'laa (87):16-17

Crawling in the way of Allah is better than flying away from His path


O Allah, You are forgiving and gracious, and You love forgiveness, so forgive me!


Allah/God always with you and if you ask Him for partner wife/husband family friends Allah will give you all

#213 The Quran 07:189 (Surah al-A'raf)

The Quran (Surah al-A'raf):- "He created you from a single soul, and from that soul He created his mate that he might dwell in serenity with her.