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an old woman holding a broom with the words telefonu brak ve ders calls
Çek Beni Kendine (Boyxboy)
a cork board with writing on it that says tekkar skiligi written in different languages
a pink poster with the words pomodoro written in black ink on it
a sign that is on top of a wooden table in front of a microwave oven
Verimli Ders Çalışmak İçin
a notebook with the words grukk program written on it next to markers and pencils
Günlük Program
a piece of paper that has been pinned to a wall with words written on it
Problemler Nasıl Halledilir ?
a sign with writing on it sitting next to crayons and markers in the background
Beynin En Verimli Olduğu Saatler
an open notebook with writing on it
a red and white checkered table cloth with a sign that says tips on it
Tıp !
a bunch of pictures are on the wall with some paper attached to them that says, neden sabat kalkmallyz?
Neden Sabah 06.00da Kalkmalıyız ?
the words are written in different languages on a black background with an image of books
an advertisement for a web site with different types of wifis on the screen
Dersler İçin Destekleyici Web Siteleri ve Uygulamalar - Öğrenme Tasarımları