Mini Paper Medallions

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make a new candle using a few of your old ones! :)

Easy Candle Upcycle How many of you have candles that look like this? You take the candle wax from these candles melt it down pour layers into a new jar with a new wic!

DIY French Beaded Rose

DIY French Beaded Rose DIY Projects-----I have never seen this tech before. Is this really still considered french beading?

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Alfabetos Lindos: Alfabeto riscos ou moldes de letras Sunbonnet Sue bordado

Alfabeto riscos ou moldes de letras Sunbonnet Sue bordado


Image: Apartment Therapy Building a loft is a great way to add more room to small spaces. Whether you’re in an apartment, regular house or cabin. Elevating your sleeping area creates more spa…

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af423307527-dlya-doma-interera-komod-vintazhnye-prelestnitsy-n5374.jpg (576×768)