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These are for REALS. Skip the cheese and use creamy avocado instead! Healthier and tastes amazing! (vegan)
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A Practical Guide to Dense Sources of Paleo Carbs by Diane Sanfilippo of Balanced Bites
Herbs & Spices that are rich in iron. Great for anyone who has anemia. @
∆ Aloe Vera...Health Benefits of Aloe Vera
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There are many powerful herbs that are used to treat parasite infections. If you suspect you have an infection or are running a routine yearly cleanse, here are some of the best natural food and herbal remedies for parasites. For the full article visit us here: #paleohacks #paleo
Whether you're a curious hiker or nervous camper, leaf identification is a useful skill to have. Learn how to identify different types of non-poisonous and poisonous leaves, like poison sumac, sugar maple, poison oak, gingko, and poison ivy. 27 Leaves Every Camper Should Know How to Identify | Red Rover Camping
Such a smart idea! Make ahead, put in the bottle, and place in cooler for easy pancakes!!!
Good To Know on Twitter: "How do you identify poison ivy. This is good to know since there is poison ivy all over"