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Composition plastique. Automne# en maternelle#. PSIC#. A réaliser en land art dans la cour de l'école (inciter les enfants à réaliser en leur mettant un coin de la cour à disposition) ou sur feuille rigide pour une conservation de la création.

Autumn tree leaves - plants Crafts - My grandson and I - Made with schwedesign.

These are paper but I would make from clay slabs.  Could also picture a bird form from this idea.

TwirlyFish Great site for crafts! Twirly Fish will be a Crafty Storytime feature in May.

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This house is filled with photos of students and their families. What a great way to make families feel like they're a part of your classroom community.

31 Incredible Bulletin Boards For Back To School

Add star student posters here-- WOW! This would be so great to create for Creating the School Family Board! I love this extra large house that contains photographs of students and their families.

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