Berta Bridal Winter 2014 Collection

Berta Bridal Winter 2014 Collection - Part 1

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Brooklyn Museum Collection | c 1850 | Cotton | The varieties of plant forms and flowers represented, their naturalism and the three-dimensionality set this extraordinary example of Irish crochet lace apart from the more static designs of later examples

Irish Linen Date: ca. 1850 Culture: Irish Medium: cotton Dimensions: (a): 14 in. cm) Credit Line: Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Gift of the Brooklyn Museum, Ella C.

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iğne oyası 33 Oya is a lace technique which uses a tiny straight needle to make even tinier loops and knots and as the knots are tightened the stitches also grow smaller.

.'Íğne oyası' (Turkish lace, made with the needle).

crochê tunisiano 'Íğne oyası' (Turkish lace, made with the needle).

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