Turkey Tail Mushroom

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The Ultimate Immune-Boosting Tea

Use this recipe to enjoy one of the most powerful immune-stimulating mushrooms on the planet in an anti-inflammatory tea form.

Turkey Tail Mushrooms And Cancer. Affect of Turkey Tails

Turkey Tail Mushrooms And Cancer. The effect of Turkey Tail Mushrooms on cancer is usually rather remarkable. Turkey Tails grow in many places around the

How Can Turkey Tail Mushrooms Improve Your Health? | Fresh Body Mind

Can turkey tail mushrooms improve your health? These mushrooms could help improve your immune system and help fight diseases like cancer. Find out more ...

Cacao Coconut Mushroom Tonic Recipe - Real Mushrooms

Calm your senses with invigorating tonic from Cacao, Coconut and and Real Mushrooms' 5 Defenders - Reishi, Shiitake, Maitake, Chaga and Turkey Tail Mushrooms.

The Ultimate Guide To Medicinal Mushrooms - FreshCap Mushrooms

Mushrooms as medicine is not a new concept. In fact, medicinal mushrooms have been used by some cultures for centuries- revered for their ability to energize, to boost immunity, and to provide a foundation for overall health And that’s just a start.

Paul Stamets' Signature Smoothie Recipe

How does Fungi Perfecti® founder and Host Defense® formulator, Paul Stamets, incorporate our mushroom mycelium powders into his daily routine? A smoothie! His recipe is a mixture of healthy fats, antioxidants, and a whole lot of Lion’s Mane. Read below to learn how to blend up your own smoothie, or watch the video to learn directly from Paul! Paul’s Signature Smoothie Recipe Yield: 1 serving Prep Time: 5 minutes Ingredients 1 cup milk of your choice ½ cup almond butter ½ cup yogurt 1 banana…

Chickpea Pumpkin Curry Recipe with Turkey Tail Mushroom

Try this delicious chickpea pumpkin curry with wild Turkey Tail medicinal mushroom extract for gut health and antioxidant benefits. 100% vegan and gluten free.

Using Medicinal Mushroom For Your Health

Mushroom powder offers you a versatile way enjoy the health benefits of medicinal mushrooms. Use the mushroom powder to:Make your own mushroom herbal capsules. The powder can be used alone or combined with other herbs into a formula to benefit your individual health needs.Make a mushroom tea. Add medicinal mushroom powder to hot water and stir. Drink alone or use in your favorite herbal tea recipe. Whether using whole mushroom powder or extract powder, mushroom powder will not fully…