Chaqueta, a calceta, con cuello esmokin, de tipo clásico by nevernotknitting.

Free & easy knit baby sweater pattern very similar to the Last Minute Baby sweaters (Cabin Fever patterns) I've been knitting.

What a cool way to use vertical space! Hanging closet storage crates

Use that vertical space by making these super simple Hanging Closet Storage Crates with rope! Plenty of storage in less than an hour of work!

coses i llanes

This is a fun basket weave pattern! Not sure about it for a sweater, but I like the texture for, say, pillows or a hand bag. (And of course, I love the purple!



Its the crochet roses on the bottom possible to create a rug from them ?

Жилет для мальчика на молнии вязаный спицами

Жилет для мальчика на молнии вязаный спицами