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Diyanet İşleri Türk İslam Birliği Camii -  Almanya

Diyanet İşleri Türk İslam Birliği Camii - Almanya

Sultan Hacı Hasan El Bolkiah Camii, Cotabato, Filipinler

40 Photos of Most Beautiful Mosques Around the World - Random Whispers

İstanbul Ayasofya

(Turkey) Originally a church, later a mosque, and now a museum, the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul was built by the Byzantine emperor Justinian I in the century.

Dünyanın En Güzel Mimariye Sahip 40 Camisi (2)

"Al-Masjid al-Nabawi" - Madina, Saudi Arabia. (One of the most important symbols of the Islamic religion. Considered to be the world's second holiest mosque. The final resting place of Prophet Muhammad)

Badşahî Camii, Lahor, Pakistan

islam in Pakistan represent the of the population it is the main religion in Pakistan