Paper quilling peacock Learn the Technique of Paper Quilling! video tutorial

Paper quilling is a great art to make beautiful things from paper. One can easily craft amazing birds using paper. Quilling birds and animals

Barbie doll crochet southern belle gown

Barbie Fashion Doll Hand Crochet Southern Belle Easter Spring Rainbow Antebellum /no pattern/

Dishfunctional Designs: Old Furniture Upcycled Into Dollhouses & Play Kitchens

My Little Gems: DIY Play Kitchen from a Nightstand Completed. I have this exact nightstand I got for a dollar at a flee market it has always had horrible drawers but soon it will be a little kitchen for my kk!

MLP Gala Apple Jack Perler Bead Pattern / Bead Sprite

I made this one and it was so ridiculously hard. Took 4 standard pegboards and close to 4 hours to make.