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Women's Gray Zipped Dress

FENDI Zipped Dress - Lyst, was listed as women's dress, personally I believe it should be listed as a dress - for anyone who chooses to wear!

Hardanger Embroidery, Hand Embroidery, Drawn Thread, Young, Embroidered Shirts, Cross Stitch Charts, Blackwork, Count, Needlework

20368827_1207458929364752_3483624736081330560_o.jpg (1536×2048)

20368827_1207458929364752_3483624736081330560_o.jpg (1536×2048) / loryah - Альбом "dolphins" / loryah - Альбом "dolphins"

Cross Stitch Kit RIOLIS Hot Summer

Cross Stitch Kit RIOLIS Hot Summer

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